Founder, creative technologist, and product designer making research fun and accessible with AI-enhanced synthesis.

With almost 15 years of experience, I’ve led design initiatives at startups and in-house with brands like Starbucks, Redgate, Basecamp, and Treehouse. I've conducted research, designed product, and workshopped with Amazon, GE, Rockwell Collins, Logitech, and innovation teams at Vancouver It’l Airport & Chicago Museum of Science & Industry.
This journey ignited a passion for research, inspiring me to start UX Frameworks, a website that shared research frameworks and methodologies using bite-sized examples to demystify & celebrate the creativity of synthesis.

This further evolved into a Notably, an all-in-one research platform that integrates best practices and leverages AI for deeper insights. Starting with a self-funded MVP, we secured funding to bring it to market. Since then Notably has been adopted by companies like Google,, Replit and prestigious Universities like Harvard and Cambridge.
Current role
  • Co-founder, CDO at Notably
  • Notably combines frameworks and methodologies researchers love with AI to make better, faster decisions with qualitative data.