a creative who makes things for people.

Hi! I'm Allison, a designer who loves making things for people. But it's the whole process I love, really. Research, sketching, trying weird things, and bringing ideas to life. Seeing designs in the wild and watching people use them is the best part of the job. That's why I'm drawn to UX design. 

A serial hobbyist and tinkerer, I love being outside my comfort zone and learning new things. I've worked with software companies, tech startups, mid-sized interactive agencies, and advertising firms as a teacher, writer, graphic & web designer, marketer, and front-end developer.


Originally from Tampa, Florida, I've been living the expat life abroad in Cambridge, U.K. for the past year (bucket list, check!) where I love cycling, taking pictures of cows, and punting on the cam with Prosecco. I love learning new things. Currently, I'm learning how to hand letter and to drive on the left side of the road.


I'm currently working as a UX designer for a software company, Redgate. Prior to moving abroad, I worked on brand and marketing at Basecamp. Before that, I learned life lessons working as a lead product designer for a startup. I also worked for Treehouse, where I wrote content and taught UX fundamentals and web design. 


I'm working on a product called Swagbot with two partners that helps people order and divvy up promotional products for their company's most important people. We're in the early stages right now, but you can check out our website to see what's coming down the pipeline. For now, here's a little over the shoulder view at some work in progress. 

What most of my tools & work looks like these days. 

I also like to dabble in illustration and "painting" on my iPad Pro. 
Check out more of my work in progress over at Dribbble